Coming undone – SS16’s strange knitwear trend

Amelia says fashion folk consider the following to be true: Three’s a trend, four’s a party, five’s a disco, and six is a cult.

We do, Amelia. We do.

I saw something strange in the SS16 collections – first at Dior, then again at David Koma. So I hunted for that all important third appearance, and there it was – at Loewe. Ladies & gentlemen, we have a trend!

Loewe, David Koma, & Christian Dior SS16 (All

Loewe, David Koma, & Christian Dior SS16 (All

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A Tribute to Raf’s Dior

A moment of silence, guys.


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If you’re anything like me, there are only a few people in your life who understand your emotional and intellectual investment in the fashion of the 20th & 21st centuries and the minds and hands that shape it. So if you reacted less than gracefully to the news of Raf Simons stepping down as Creative Director of Christian Dior, and you were surrounded by people who didn’t get it, I’d like you to know that I do. You have a fashion friend in me, and we can be sad together. Continue reading


I was really stuck for what to wear to the launch event for Poetry’s SS16 collection. Lo & behold, I showed up almost matching the decor.

Me at Poetry in Bloom SS16

‘Sup. (Photo Credit: Twala N’gambi)

I’ll be honest: For me, Poetry has always been someone else’s brand. It’s always looked like it was for that other girl. The one whose desk always has fresh flowers, who lives in adorable heels and bright skirts, and – even though there’s more on her plate than mine – somehow has time for perfect hair everyday and brunch every weekend. It wasn’t for me, the girl forever trying to cultivate cool, who loves (but admires from afar) the sleek, dark, clean city aesthetic and the speed of the concrete life but wakes up every day in a far from slick wardrobe tornado, running out the door after skipping breakfast again, and wondering if this is the day she’ll actually keep up. Continue reading